Let me begin by saying thank you to the more than two thousand quests. Having visited my web site, reading my books! My reason for be coming a writer hoping to show the history of street life. Not to empress nor glorify street life or pimping! Feeling the need to write what this life style was about. This is why I made the decision in writing these books! Justifying my own concept of what pimping had meant to me! Understanding that there are those who would tell you. That all pimps hate there mother, or they believe that all pimps use and abuse there woman! Nothing I can say will change that way of thinking! Only I ask you to open your eyes as well as your mind! before you make that determination. Read my books look from all point of views. One thing I’ve came to understand about life, if you can’t envision a thing in your mind. You will never be able to make it happen! Money and living the good life, driving new cars, staying sharp dressing in the best money could buy! Surrounding oneself with the most beautiful ladies to be had. Was the true drive behind me being a player, in the sport of kings. Read from my books make your own decisions then get back with me. , On face book or twitter, As well You tube e mail me at!

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This book is dedicated to the player’s I have met in my life. Whose life style, with their actions mirrored the game’s we played, as pimps and playas trying to master the art of the game! Pimping is the sport of king’s! by Al Pratt

This is the true story of my life, as well as other black life that I witnessed in the streets of Detroit. Where as a young Man, in time I learned to apply my skills of what I had learned in sharpening my game. In time I became a well known pimp and player. Representing myself well and making my way through the streets of Detroit, as well as other city’s and towns. These were the days, when hoes were “queens” and called ladies of the night, who were looked up on as the first ladies of game. The pride and joy of every pimp they represented! As they made there way getting money, these were also the days, when hoes were dutifully shown full respect and honor for the role that they played.

In representing the pimps of their choice we as pimps with ladies took our place in the sun becoming the top player of that time. Detroit represented the breeding ground of pimps who rose through the ranks and became players in this sport of kings. Where they were crowned by their ladies, this crown earned.

By laboring, to master that which is born in the hearts a pimp. If they were able to master the art of pimping, then you were among the elites who mastered the Sport Of King’s. These are the facts of my life’s story, recollection of all the cities and towns I’ve traveled to as a player, pimp, and gangster.

Through the long process of being refined and polished in this game, I survived long enough to write The Sport Of kings and bring this game to you; all the people detailed in this book are real. Nothing has been changed, ignored, or left out.


My books are a part of street life. The history my life, as well life I've seen. Over years of being a active player. In this life style as a player and pimp! Not in anyway somthing to use as any avocation. I strongly suggest don't try this at home. My books are fore player's and play girls! Who I welcome to read from my books free! The Sport Of Kings and my latest book! Black Bottom Slim, both are E books That can be found on line. At BLACK BOTTOM SLIM and SPORT OF KINGS SPORT OF KINGS BOOK 2 of TRILOGY and on my Facebook page
By Al Pratt
One thing I know about life .If you cant envision a thing! In your mind you will never! Be able to do it, you will fail every time!

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